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calling alllllll hockey blogs


IM ON A MISSION, and a part of that mission involves following most/all hockey fans. yes, i have done this before (you can view that post here) but im convinced there are wayyyyyyyy more than 400 hockey blogs on here. SOOO, this time, im asking that if you are a hockey blog and/or a hockey fan (meaning you enjoy hockey but your blog isnt hockey themed), then can you please reblog and like this and i will follow you! each an every single one of you! 

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  • person: i love that team
  • me: they are my babies
  • person: what
  • me: they are mine
  • person: they're over 30
  • me: i have to protect them
  • person: more than one of them is married
  • me: babies


if you’ve never cancelled plans at least once because of hockey you’re lying

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